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Positive After School Workday Session (PAWS) Program




After School

Education &

Safety Program

Program Goals and Methods

The ASES program will operate every regular school day during the regular school year (180 days). The program starts immediately upon the conclusion of the school day and will operates until 6 PM. A daily nutritious snack will be provided. PAWS will integrate with the regular school day while providing a safe physical and motional environment.  PAWS currently provides priority registration to students grades 3rd-6th.


Regular School Day hours

Mandatory Academic Portion

Students must attend this 45 minute segment. Students picked up before the end of this segment on more than three occasions will be terminated from the program.

Regular School Day HoursMinimum School Day Hours

3rd Grades (2:05-6:00 P.M.)


 3rdGrades (1:05-6:00 P.M.)

4th Grades (2:30-6:00 P.M.)


4th Grades (1:05-6:00 P.M.)

5th Grades (2:30-6:00 P.M.)


5th Grades (1:05-6:00 P.M.)

6th Grades (2:30-6:00 P.M.)


6th Grades (1:05-6:00 P.M.)


The Benefits of PAWS

  • Keeps Kids Safe
  • Provides homework assistance daily
  • Helps working families


If you have any questions please contact

Bonnie Pierce - PAWS Site Coordinator (209) 572-3253

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