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Science Olympiad

How-to Helpful Videos (please check the rules for supplies that can be used and size requirements)

How to Make a Wooden Paddle Boat                           How to Make a PVC Catapult

Paddle Boat Race                                                             Tennis Ball Catapult

Rubber Band Paddle Boat Test                                      How to Build a Catapult




Khan Academy:Resistors in Series

Khan Academy: Resistor in Parallel

Science Olympiad Web Sites

The Official NorCal Science Olympiad web site:


The Official Science Olympiad Web Site with connections to Science Olympiad web sites for many states:


Stanislaus County Office of Education:


For additional research resources, please see the Quick Links tab on our school homepage.

All students are required to research. Please see Stanislaus County Office of Education link below for rules/guidelines for the events.

Research Events: Leaf and Tree Finder; Circuit Wizardry; Crime Busters; Elements, Compounds and Mixtures;  Rock Hound; Deep Blue Sea; Knock, Knock--Who's There?; Picture This

"Hands-On" Events":  Barge Building; Straw Egg Drop; Mystery Architecture; Orienteering; Write-It, Do-It.

At Home: Catapults; Can Race, Paddle Boats

More Links:

Good day Sacramento Science Olympiad Link

2017 Science Olympiad Calendar

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