Safety Patrol

Our school's Safety Patrol is back! 

Our students can been seen out on the street in the morning and at primary dismissal!  Their first shift is Monday dismissal!  Please drive slowly and be patient and kind. This is a great service to us on their part and they are children.

If you'd like to volunteer to help them, we are happy to have you.  Simply reach out to Mrs. Garrett at

As in the past, this also means that the pull-throughs and parking lots are now closed at drop off (8:00-8:20) and pick up . We are a walking school and as the first week has passed and routines have set in, we do this to minimize congestion between cars and students in the same area.  Unless you have a handicapped placard or license plate, you will be asked to park on the street and walk  up-no exceptions- when the chains are up.  Please plan for this.

If you do pull into our parking lots, please do not stop and exit your vehicle or double park. It blocks our busses and others who with to get by. Use the parking spaces if you need time to tend to your child.

Thank you in advance for modeling safety, patience, and understanding for not only your children, but those working as crossing guards.