Stomp out bulying

The Nationwide STOMP out Bullying campaign starts tomorrow!  Wear blue every Monday in October to bring awareness to stop bullying!  Below is a list of our weekly themes:

1.    October 4th-8th:  Make a new friend!

2.    October 11th-15th:  STAND UP for Others!

3.    October 18th-22nd:  Huskies are united!

4.    October 25th-29th:  Be Brave and talk to your Peers

Red Ribbon week is the last week of October, but here are the daily themes:

  • Monday - Drug Free Looks Like Me!
    • Hughes Pride - Wear Blue!
  • Tuesday - Too bright for drugs! 
    • Wear Neon!
  • Wednesday - My Future is Healthy and Bright! 
  • Wear College and Trade School attire or colors!
  • Thursday - Follow Your Dreams…
    • Pajama Day! 
  • Friday - Scare Away Drugs 
    • Wear Red!

It’s going to be a great month!

Laurel Eldredge

School Counselor

Hughes Elementary School