traffic reminder


Just a gentle reminder about some parking and traffic procedures:

Our parking lots close from about 8:00- 8:20 and again from 2:00- 2:15. We do this to ensure that our walkers can avoid the traffic when arriving on campus.  During that time, only those with a handicapped placard will be allowed in. Please do not put pressure on our students to make exceptions.

We would also like to ask that you do not park in handicap spots unless you are allowed to do so. I know it is tempting to park in our spots for just a minute as you drop off kids or make a quick trip to the office.  We do have neighbors who need those spots.  Please use other open spots to park in.

Please do not park in our fire lanes. Those are marked in red curb and it is designated for emergency vehicles. They have to get through when called.  We see this post prevalent at K pick-up and a.m drop off. 

We have the benefit of city bus and district busses that serve some of our families and students. Please do not park in the bus zones.  It prevents them from staging where they need to pick up our students. We do not want to hamper their access or visibility in any way.

Finally, help me reinforce what we are trying teach our students both here and at home- patience and kindness. Horn honking, cutting people off, speeding, ignoring stop signs, and double-parking cause tempers to flare. Sometimes we see yelling, cursing, and conflict between our adults. I know it be frustrating to manage drop off especially when we re late or have a busy morning routine. Please take that opportunity to model patience and kindness- it makes for a nicer start, or end of the day, nicer for everyone. 

Thank you